The prospect of sleeping in a home that’s infested with bed bugs is enough to freak anybody out. Bed bugs are tiny, barely visible bugs that feed on the blood of a host animal, usually a human. Additionally, these pests have the potential to cause sores on the body, and they can even spread disease. Many times, people catch these pests in a hotel room and unknowingly transfer them to their homes. However, you can prevent this by thoroughly checking your home and any other beds you stay in for these tiny creatures. Additionally, make sure you get help right away when you notice an infestation. Check these places for bed bugs:

Inspect the Bed

This is obvious, but you must inspect the entire bed for these bugs. They like to hide in the cracks and crevices, ready to jump out and make you a meal when the time is right. You should be checking the mattress, box spring, bed frame, headboard, sheets, pillows and anything else. Bed bug infested beds will have red, rusty looking spots from where the bugs have been feeding or where they have been smashed.

Inspect the Other Furniture

These tiny creatures will travel from up to 20 ft. to feed on a host. Which means that these pests could be lurking in the chair in the corner, or even in the nightstand next to the bed. You’re still looking for rusty spots and the presence of the bugs here.

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Check Doors & Window Frames

Many times, these pests can travel through doors and window frames, through the small cracks that humans can’t see. If you see rusty spots by your doors or window frames, this is a sign that bed bugs are in the room or have been in the room, and you need to have it inspected before you go to sleep.

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Check Your Body

Unfortunately, one of the best ways to figure out whether or not you have bed bugs is to check your body. You’ll notice marks from where the bugs have been feeding on you. Additionally, if you notice any of these marks, it’s smart to notify a medical professional to figure out how you treat bed bug bites.

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