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How to Beat Boxelder Bugs Out of Your O’Fallon IL Home

boxelder bug

With the cold midwestern fall and winter quickly approaching you will start to see this little insect inside of your O’Fallon, IL home more frequently.  The Boxelder Bugs, which are given their name from feeding on the Boxelder trees, can be found around the O’Fallon, IL area. They are tiny yet smart, as they tend to migrate to warmer areas in order to avoid the cold. They do not cause any significant damage and are a nuisance if anything. Here is more information about the Boxelder Bugs and how to beat them out of your home!

boxelder bug

What Exactly Are Boxelder Bugs?

The Boxelder Bugs are a species of beetle that is commonly found in the eastern half of the United States. However, they are being found in the Midwest as well, which includes the O’Fallon, IL area. They are usually found in homes, sheds, and garages. As well as on warm rocks, trees, and sun-lit buildings during the cooler months. Right before the official start of winter, they are seen gathering in buildings and homes to try and reach the warmth inside. During the warmer months, they can be found feeding on the fallen seeds of boxelder trees and maple trees.

How to Spot a Boxelder Bug?

The Boxelder Bugs are spotted as they have black bodies with an orange or reddish marking on their back. They have a body shape that is flattened and an elongated oval. They on average around half an inch long and have six legs with two antennae. Nymphs of this type of bug tend to lack wings and be just bright red in color. The good news is that these bugs are unable to sting, but they can possibly cause a puncture, similar to a mosquito bite.

boxelder bug

Kick these Pests out of Your Home!

The easiest way to catch these pests is with a vacuum. However, make sure to immediately empty and throw out the bag after use. Also, check your home to make sure all windows and door screens are repaired, sealed, and make sure you install a door sweep on all exterior doors. These steps help to ensure that your home can remain bug-free on the interior. Also if you are wanting to plant any Boxelder trees, make sure you are only planting male trees (non-seed bearing). This way you are able to still enjoy the beautiful tree but without the stress of dealing with Boxelder Bugs.  If you have a problem with these Boxelder Bugs or have any questions about pest control, contact us at IMEL Pest Control today!

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