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How Exterminators Get Mice Out of Your Jersey County, IL Home


At this time of year in Jersey County, IL, it is cold outside. Many pests will want to use your home as their vacation spot to stay warm. One pest to look out for is mice. Mice can be annoying and freighting to have in your home. They can also spread nasty bacteria. Don’t ignore these pests, get them out of your house. Here we will be explaining what you should do to get mice out of your home.

Pest Control

Professional’s Beginning Steps

Getting rid of mice from your Jersey County, IL home isn’t about wiping them out right away, it is a process that can take time to fully rectify the problem. One of the first things that an experienced exterminator will do is check around the outside of your home to locate entry points. Mice can chew through the wood outside your home in order to make their way in. Along with checking the exterior walls of your home, exterminators will also take a look at any doors to make sure that there are no cracks or ways of entry for mice. Anything they find will be sealed off.

Eliminated the Mice

The key to effective mice extermination is having a good strategy. A knowledgeable exterminator will lay out mouse traps strategically rather than laying them out randomly. Places they might put them are in your besetment, crawlspace, or attic if you have any. They will never just leave traps out in places your family will be at regularly. Mice will travel close to their entry and escape points so exterminators will sometime use baited traps and rodent poison in these areas. The most effective way of getting rid of mice will be through the proper use of rodenticides.

After Extermination


It is also important that once the job has been done, follow up later to ensure the house is mouse-free. Mice will populate fast if left unchecked and can give birth 6 times a year with each birth producing more than 12 pups. Be sure to follow up with your exterminator if you find they have returned or are just wanting to be sure they are truly gone.

Have a mouse infestation in your Jersey County, IL home and need an exterminator to remove them. Give our reputable team over at IMEL Pest Control a call today and we can assist you with your situation!

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