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How Do I Get Rid of Fleas and Ticks in My Staunton, IL Yard?

Yard Fleas

Having blood-sucking parasites like ticks or fleas in your Staunton, IL yard can pose a serious health risk to not only you and the people you live with, but any pets you bring out without. These pests love to hide in your yard and once they get to a victim, they can spread diseases and cause skin irritation to the victim. Here we will be discussing some ways that you can get these annoying pests off of your yard.


Treating Your Lawn

It is important that you properly maintain your yard to keep out ticks and fleas. Make sure you keep your yard mowed properly, as these pests use longer grass to hide. You can also make use of insecticides to kill any ticks and fleas hiding on your lawn.

Proper Plant Care

If you have any plants, make sure that when you water them that you are giving them the proper amount of water. If you are giving your plants too much water, it can attract unwanted insects including ticks and fleas. You don’t want to paint a target on your back.

Upkeeping the Cleanliness of Your Yard

The overall neatness of your yard plays a big factor in trying to eliminate ticks and fleas. If you have any debris like lumber or bricks lying around in your yard, be sure to keep them all in an organized location. Make sure that you also clean and organize any storage areas. Be sure to also keep your garden and under your deck clean if you have any. Keep the areas your pets tend to stay outside clean as well.

Create Barriers and Limit Wildlife in Your Yard


There are many kinds of insecticide products that let you create a barrier around your home that can eliminate pests and keep them away for an extended period of time. This can protect your yard from anything else your pet or the local wildlife may bring in. Making your home less appealing to the local wildlife can be a powerful step in completely getting rid of ticks and fleas from your Jerseyville, IL home. Creatures like raccoons or squirrels may also bring in ticks and fleas into your yard, so by keeping them out, you will be one step closer to peace from the pests. Also, be sure to create a barrier between your house and the woods that surround your property.

If you are still having problems with ticks and fleas in your Staunton, IL yard, give our team of professionals over at IMEL Pest Control a call today!

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