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How Do Flies Get into My Belleville, IL Home? How Can I Prevent Them?

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How Do Flies Get Into My Belleville, IL Home? How Can I Prevent Them?

Did you know there are about 120,000 different kinds of flies? The world is blessed (many would say cursed) with all sorts of flies that perform two public services – the first is eating every form of garbage (and poop) known to man, and the second is becoming food for a bevy of other creatures. But despite the best efforts of flies, the majority of us find the fly most annoying. Residents of Belleville are no different. Read on about common flies and your options for pest control!

How Do Flies Get Into My Belleville, IL Home?

While a great question, the answer requires knowing what kind of fly we’re talking about. There are five species of flies that are ubiquitous in N. America. Identifying what type of is invading your home is going to be the first step in any kind of pest control or pest prevention.

Flies Common to N. America

  • Common House Fly – is typically grey and most prevalent during the summer months. These flies are attracted to things such as rotting garbage and feces. If you are getting them in your home, typically it’s going to be from an opened door/window or even hidden cracks in the walls. A female can lay 600 eggs at a time so they may have been born in your home.
  • Fruit Flies – about 1/8 inch long, having a yellowish brown coloring. As the name implies, they are attracted to decaying fruits, vegetables, and sugary substances like spilled soda or juice. If there in your home, there’s a really good chance that they came up through one of the drains.
  • Drain Flies – also called a moth fly, its body is covered with small fury hairs. Again as the name implies, these likely came up through a drain as well.
  • Blow Flies – about twice as large as a house fly, with a metallic blue or green color. Blow flies are attracted to rotting flesh. If they’re in your home, it’s possible that there is an undiscovered dead animal, like a mouse or squirrel in or near your home. Call your local exterminators to check it out.
  • Horse Flies – or stable flies or giant house flies, feed on blood including humans. Typically these pests are going to be found in more rural areas, as they like to hang around wet hay.
house flies in belleville il

Having identified the enemy, we can now take some preventative steps at pest control or preemptive pest prevention altogether.

6 Ways To Prevent Fly-mageddon in Your Belleville, IL Home

Try using a few of these tips to prevent flies from entering your home

  1. Be mindful of open doors/windows.
  2. Fill in any cracks in the walls, especially around doors/windows.
  3. Replace any torn or ripped screens.
  4. Keep it clean – common house flies are attracted to rotting food, garbage, and feces.
  5. Throw away rotten fruits/vegetables immediately. Use a separate plastic bag before you throw it in the trash.
  6. Plant pest-repelling plants and flowers around your home. Lavender and Lemon Grass are two good ones. Go ahead and lavender air fresheners as well. Get rid of the pests, and smell good too.

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