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Having Pest Free Homes in O’Fallon, Illinois

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Spring Cleaning Tips to Ensure Pests-Free Homes In O’Fallon, Illinois

One thing that residents of O’Fallon, Illinois look forward to is the bright sun and the smell of spring in the air. As the weather begins to grow warmer, different residents find themselves creating their regular to-do list for their annual spring cleaning. Sweeping and dusting are a huge part of this cleaning process, but we are also here to show you different ways to deep clean your home to ensure that pests won’t be able to get into your home. To ensure that your home is prepped and ready for this season ahead, we have these different tips to make sure pests are not a problem for you during these sunny days ahead.


Once the weather begins to get warmer, termites will begin to swarm, which puts homeowners at serious risk. Termites can cause horrible property damage that homeowners must face each year. To prevent these pests during this time, make sure you are cleaning any crawl spaces, attics, and basements. This gets rid of humidity and moisture build-up. If you also use firewood in your home, we advise you to keep this about 15 to 20 inches from the foundation.



Ants are a common pest that many homes will notice. Even though ants may seem like a total pain, they can pose a real threat.  Such as contaminating food and even property damage. One of the typical spring-cleaning tips that we have for preventing ants is sealing any cracks that may allow entry into your house. One of the most common ways that ants can come into a home is finding certain cracks that allow them to enter the house. Just like termites, ants will find any moisture that they can find to latch onto, eliminating moisture or standing water near your home as often as you can is helpful to keep them away as well.


Common flies are known as one of the most annoying insects that homeowners will experience. They will contaminate different food surfaces by spreading different diseases that they have picked up. Mostly on their legs and mouths when they have been feeding on trash and feces. These common pests are even known to transfer hundreds of different pathogens. Getting rid of them is as simple as keeping your countertops clear and throwing away any rotting food.


Cockroaches can come with serious health risks. They’re known to spread different illnesses that can also trigger many different asthma and allergy symptoms. If you find one cockroach in your home, you may find more that are hiding in cracks in your home. This is because they typically come in groups. Like many other pests that we have mentioned before, cockroaches are attracted to moisture and different food sources. What we recommend for those to prevent cockroaches is sealing any cracks and holes that are in your home. Paying attention to bathrooms and kitchens are the most common places. Please keep that in mind when looking for these different places.

Bed Bugs:

Unfortunately, bed bugs are not a rumor that your older brothers and sisters would warm you to fear to keep you from sleeping at night. These pests do not transmit diseases, but they do leave itchy red spots on someone’s skin. Always make sure to check any place of sleeping for spots of bedbugs, especially coming home from a vacation. It is always wise to wash and dry your sheets and pillowcases after a break.


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