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Spotting a Flying Termite in Belleville IL

Flying termites

Do Termites Have Wings?

Many homeowners know a termite infestation when they see one. Typical signs of a termite are wood being chewed up in and out of the house, or anything in your home being destroyed that would have any signs of wood. When it comes to the termite, we are aware of their presence, however, may not be aware that there are actually flying termites. If you were not aware of this already bothering insect being able to fly, read along as we describe them so you can be alert if you are noticing them in your Belleville, IL home.

Flying Termites

Description of Termites

When it comes to the size of a termite, they can range anywhere from a fourth of an inch, to 3/8ths of an inch. Depending on gender and other differences. They also can range in color as well. While the typical termite is usually light in color, the ones that are flying termites are dark brown or even black, based on the type of species they are. Most all flying termites will also have four wings attached, giving them the ability to swarm to farther places.

Seriousness of Termites

Unfortunately for any homeowner that has noticed these insects in their home, termites are one of the most destructive pests to invade someone’s space. These pests can nest for up to six years in one spot, multiplying enough to harvest wood from any place they can find. For a homeowner, this means tons of damage to the foundation of their home, or any furniture in their living areas that has been created from wood. Homeowners can take up to years until they find the damage of a termite infestation. At that point, their colony has grown in numbers, and you are living in a flying termite infestation.

Flying Termites

Prevention and Extermination

Luckily enough, there are ways to get rid of both flying and non-flying termites. If you are a homeowner, rid your home of any dying or dead wood. This is something that will attract a termite. Cutting any close branches or bushes that are right up against your home will also prevent a swarm. If you are unfortunately in a place where you do find a swarm of flying termites fear not, IMEL’s team of pest control specialists are here to help. We give you the ease of mind of knowing that you are in good hands and that these pests are not here to stay.

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