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Do You Need an Exterminator for Mice in Troy, IL

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While many find mice to be cute and some will keep them as pets, having regular mice running loose in your Troy, IL home can be a nightmare. Mice can cause damage to your home and the property in it. They get into the trash and can get into your food if you do not put it up. Mice can also carry and cause several different illnesses and diseases. It is important that once you realize you have a mouse infestation you call your local professional exterminator. Many, however, dread the high price of extermination services. Here we want to break down pricing for extermination services and pricing for DIY extermination methods.

Average Cost of Mice Extermination Services

The most important thing to know about mice extermination services is that there is no true universal price. There are a number of factors that go into the final price you will be paying for. You can, however, to pay around $200 to $600 for mice extermination services. In more severe infestations, you can expect to pay upwards of $1,000.

More Factors in Pricing

As stated before, rodent extermination services have many factors that can affect the overall price you will be paying. The location of your infestation can affect the price. Depending on how hard it is to reach the nest of the mice in your Troy, IL home, it can drive up the price. If you desire the extermination to be more humane and simply want the rodent relocated instead of outright killed, it will cost you more for live traps. Fumigations are rare, however, when they are needed or requested, they can drastically drive up the overall price.

Effective DIY Mice Removal

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For those who have decided not to hire an exterminator and would desire to remove the mice themselves, there are many cost-effective methods of removing rodents from your home. The most basic snap trap will only cost you a little more than $1. There are also more effective and cheap traps you can buy such as jaw traps, glue traps, bait stations, live traps, and electronic traps just to name a few. Generally, the more humane the options are, the more expensive they are going to be.

If you are looking for a company that can help exterminate the mice in your Troy, IL home, give our team of reputable exterminators at IMEL Pest Control a call today!

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