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Do Rodents Come Back After Extermination


Exterminators, as the name implies, get rid of pests like mice and rodents. But what precisely do pest control professionals do for mice and other rodents? What happens after an eradication and what steps are taken to control mice? The solution might not be what you expect or what you’re looking for.


Why it doesn’t solve the problem

Exterminating mice and rats is nearly always a short-term solution to a far more serious and pervasive issue. A team arrives, looks for evidence of mice and rats, disperses chemical poisons, baits, or traps, then returns just in time to collect the dead animals’ bodies. Even if they must dispose of the deceased rats themselves, extermination may be a good option in some people’s opinion. Although it appears that the job has been completed for the most part, the most crucial step in dealing with infestations is preventing them from returning to your home or attic. If this is not done, you may expect to see additional mice or rodents in the very near future.

Ways to stop rodents and mice from coming back

The only practical means of preventing a mouse or rat infestation from returning to your Granite City, IL   home is pest management and exclusion. Every area of the house should be examined, especially those that are known to be particularly vulnerable to invasions by wildlife. You may discover why eradication is ineffective by reading the list of ways mice enter homes below:

  • Holes and cracks in exterior home walls
  • Gnawing through wood almost everywhere
  • Gaps between windows and the home’s structure
  • Drainage pipes and sewer lines
  • Doors, doorframe gaps, and under doors
  • Vents and unsealed air vents
  • And more!
Pest Control

Pest Control and exclusion is always the better option when it comes to putting an end to infestation and stopping rodents/mice in their tracks. Extermination is just a temporary fix to a much bigger issue. In addition to thorough inspections for mice and rats, pest control and exclusion involves setting up an effective prevention plan, removing the source of the infestation, and cleaning the property properly. The long-term advantages of pest management and exclusion greatly outweigh the short-term consequences of an exterminator’s job, even if you have to spend a little bit more.

The removal of rodents and mice is a complex process that should be done by the professionals at IMEL Pest Control. Give us a call today to get started!

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