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Differences Between Killer Bees and Honeybees in Edwardsville, IL

Honey Bees
Killer Bees

Most homeowners in Edwardsville, IL will not be too thrilled to find bees even outside their homes. Bees can be territorial and can sting when provoked or when you get too close to their nest. There are many different bees around the United States. One feared bee, killer bees, is known for being extremely territorial and aggressive. They often get confused with honeybees by many people unfamiliar. Here we want to talk more about killer bees and how they are different from honeybees.

Appearance and Roles

One of the biggest issues with killer bees is that they appear to vary similarly to a standard honeybee that you might find in your yard in Edwardsville, IL. The key difference in their appearance is their sizes as killer bees tend to be smaller than honeybees. If you still cannot tell, you would have to distinguish the veins in their wing, the color of their body parts, and a number of other factors you would only be able to tell if you ran into a swarm of them. Not only do both of these bees look similar, but they are also both pollinators that are crucial for the environment. It is even unlawful in some areas of the United States to remove a beehive just because you feel like it. It is best to contact a professional pest control company to help deal with unwanted bees on your property.

Temperament and Danger

Pest Control

By far the biggest factor in differentiating killer bees from honeybees is their behavior. Killer bees are more territorial than honeybees and will defend their hive from over a longer distance. They will, however, only attack when they are provoked, or you get too close to their hive. If you get too close to the hive, you might find that more of the hive will swarm you when they attack. Killer bees are not as poisonous as any other bee, however, these bees in swarms can deliver enough venom to be fatal to a person. Another thing to note is that they will sting more than once unlike honeybees which have to disembowel themselves to sting. A victim of a full swarm of killer bees can be stung up to 500 times or more in just one attack.

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