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Dealing with Bed Bugs in Your Collinsville, IL Home

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One thing that many homeowners dread to see in their Collinsville, IL homes are bed bugs. These blood-sucking pests feed off of humans and animals alike. These insects have flat brownish-red bodies. These insects cannot fly but they are quick. They love to hide under beds, behind bed frames, on walls, and anywhere else dark and comfortable for them to hide. These insects also reproduce in large numbers. It is important that the minute that you realize you have a bed bug infestation you take the necessary steps to remove them. Here we will be talking more about bed bugs and how you should deal with them.

Where do These Pests Hide?

In order to get into your home, bed bugs will often find their way onto your clothes or your bedding. They might hide in your luggage or in your home in your furniture. These insects do not necessarily have nests like ants would, but they live in groups. Their most infamous hiding spot is in mattresses, bed frames, box springs, or behind headboards of beds. This gives them access to a meal every night. A bed bug will bite into the skin of a human and feed on blood for around three to ten minutes until they are full. These bites are painless for the most part, however, they can turn into itchy welts. If you have the feeling you have bed bugs lurking around in your home in Collinsville, IL home, you need to look for signs. Take a look for any dark stains on your sheets or on your pillowcases. Inspect your entire bed and backboard for fecal spots, skins, eggshells, or any dark or rusty spots.

How to Deal with Bed Bugs

Bed Bug

Once you have discovered the bed bugs in your home, your next step is to get them out. There are a number of ways you can get them out. Take everything that is washing machine and dryer friendly and put it in the dryer on high for 30 minutes, then wash and dry again. Use a brush to scrub down the mattress to get bed bugs out and get their eggs loose. Once you have done this, vacuum your bed and all surrounding areas. Once you have done that, be sure to place the vacuum bag in a plastic bag before you take it to your garbage outside. Be sure to place your mattress and your box springs in a tightly woven zipper cover for an entire year. This is because bed bugs can live for up to a year so incasing everything will make sure they die out. Be sure that once all is done, repair any cracks or crevices around the room and clean up any clutter around the bed.

If you are having trouble dealing with a bed bug infestation, give our team of expert exterminators over at IMEL Pest Control a call today!

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