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Dangers of a Mouse Infestation in Collinsville, IL

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Get Rid of Your Collinsville, IL Mouse Infestation & Protect Your Home

Throughout the winter, homeowners and business owners all over the Collinsville area must worry about pests that sneak into their homes in search of food and warmth. One of these pets are mice, and an infestation of mice can spell serious trouble for your home or business and those inside of it. However dangerous these pests may be, there’s always an option in professional exterminators that can quell a mouse infestation and get your home back to normal. Review the dangers of having a mouse infestation at your home and call your local pest control professionals to do away with this furry, little threat to your health!

Disease & Bacteria

Mice crawl into dirty places and eat nasty things. Furthermore, they spread disease and bacteria when they walk through your home by leaving urine and droppings wherever they go. While you might think it’s easy to clean this stuff up, it’s not easy to eliminate all the germs they leave behind that could make people very sick.  Rodents can carry many diseases – be sure to call a professional when you notice an infestation.


In addition to disease and bacteria that are left behind in feces and urine, they have the potential to introduce another major threat to your home – ticks.  Have you ever heard of Lyme Disease? Yeah, it’s a big deal, and ticks that live on the bodies of mice could detach in search of another host, which puts you, your family, and even pets at risk of being bitten by an infected tick. Don’t take these risks – get your problem taken care of right away.

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Baby Mice

Some may think that a couple of mice isn’t a problem. It is a problem – it’s a big problem, especially when you consider the rate of reproduction. Mice can reproduce up to ten times a year, which means that those couple of mice you think you have could turn into a whole colony, very quickly. Get it taken care of right away to ensure those couple of mice aren’t actually a hundred mice.

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Electrical Problems

While this may seem like a small risk, it’s a risk nonetheless. Mice can chew through wires that can wreak havoc on your electrical system. While these are easily fixable issues, consider where mice live. Finding a frayed wire that’s been chewed on by a mouse could take a while considering they can fit into the smallest and hardest-to-reach of places.

HVAC Problems

Mice can live in HVAC ducts, build nests in walls, and attics, and create tiny holes that decrease the efficiency of your HVAC system. So, not only will you have a mouse infestation, but you’ll also be paying more energy bills.

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