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Controlling Cicada Killers in Your Yard in Godfrey, IL

Cicada Killer

Cicada Killers, also sometimes referred to as Cicada Wasps, are a type of flying insect that is known for hunting down cicadas. While these insects might be frightening to have around, however, they can actually be beneficial to have around your garden since they target cicadas who might try to eat out of your garden. These insects do sting when provoked, however, which is why most would like to have them away or at least controlled in their yards in Godfrey, IL. Here we will be discussing more about these insects, what they do, and how to control them.

About Cicada Killers

Cicada Killers are a type of wasps that lives alone. They spend their time around gardens and other areas that are plagued by cicadas. They burrow into the grow where they will create tunnels. Each tunnel will serve a purpose. They have a tunnel they lay their eggs in and a tunnel they can hide out in all in the same hole. As scary as this sounds, cicada killers will hunt down cicadas, poison them, and will bring them back to their tunnels where they will use them as food for their newly hatched larvae.

While these insects are typically not liked for, the fact that they sting, they are dreaded by gardeners as the digging of their tunnels can conflict with gardens. There are, thankfully, ways that you can control the behavior of these pests so that they do not interfere with your garden, but they will still help you eliminate the cicadas in your yard in Godfrey, IL.

How to Control These Pests

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As stated before, having cicada killers in your yard can be beneficial, and while not very common, they can cooperate. Unless these insects are making their tunnels right in your garden or out in the open in your yard, you should not have to worry about controlling them. You can block off their tunnels by using garden geotextiles to cover up the mulch. This will help protect your flower beds. The easiest way to deal with these insects when they are pestering your garden is to spray your garden down with water. Through careful watering and fertilization, you can keep cicada killers out of your garden.

If you need help controlling or eliminating cicada killers in your yard in Godfrey, IL, give our team over at IMEL Pest Control a call today!

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