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Cockroaches are Everywhere in Granite City, Illinois!


Finding Cockroaches


One of the last things that anyone wants to have happened is to find an infestation of pests in their home. Unfortunately, when it comes to any place that either has moisture or any type of food, bugs will find a way there. When it comes to cockroaches, having them infest your home can be a pretty horrid nightmare. If you have ever come across them in your Granite City home, it would be wise to continue reading about them. In this blog, we will discuss them, and ways to get rid of them. Leaving you with a clean, and cockroach-free place.

About the Cockroaches

One thing to know about the common cockroach is that they are the most adaptable insect to be found. These insects are known to live in many different circumstances. With that in mind, they are also known to carry different types of diseases. They can cause many different health conditions, especially in children. When looking for where they are the most, cockroaches will find their way to any garbage in the house, food, or moisture. Cockroaches can also live off of little to no food, and hold their breath underwater for up to an hour. With this all in mind, cockroaches can pretty much be found anywhere.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Cockroaches can be rather annoying, however, they can be prevented and eliminated. To prevent having cockroaches in your home, try to keep as clean of an environment as you can. Getting rid of the trash, wiping down counters, and getting rid of any unwanted moisture will be the best help. Another way to prevent these pests from crawling around your home is to seal any unneeded cracks or openings that your home might have. 


Call An Exterminator

Our trusted team at IMEL Pest Control knows that when dealing with these certain kinds of insects, it can feel overwhelming. If you do happen to find yourself with a house full of cockroaches, we advise you to call our team. They are trained in the best ways to get any unwanted insects out of your room. This gives you the ease of mind, and comfort to know that these pesky bugs aren’t crawling around your space. Having the help of IMEL will also make sure that you can properly disinfect your home. They get every last bug out, and away from you. Call us today to book an appointment!

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