All the Different Types of Beetles in Edwardsville, IL


Different Types of Beetles Beetles are typically not a bug that crosses someone’s mind as commonly as an ant or termite when thinking about pests. However, once they come into your home, they are not easily forgotten. They are mainly out and ready to find their next home during the summertime. Beetles can do damage […]

Stinging Insects — Watch to Watch Out For In Edwardsville, IL!

Stinging Insects edwardsville il

Summer is the Season for Stinging in Edwardsville, IL. Let’s face it, the clear blue sky and warm sunny weather are enough to make anyone excited for these long summer nights. While we are all enjoying our ice cream sundaes and after-dinner strolls, different pests will start to show up. Unfortunately, we aren’t the only […]

Pests that love summer heat in Edwardsville, IL

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Pests That Love Summer Heat in Edwardsville, IL Whether you live or go to school in the Edwardsville, IL area, you know that summer means high temps, days at the pool and a litany of fun activities. However, it’s not all fun and games for Midwesterners as the season heats up. While this area can […]

What Conditions Make Greenville, IL Perfect for Mosquitoes?

What Conditions Make Greenville, IL Perfect for Mosquitoes? Mosquitoes are insects that belong to the Diptera category, or in layman’s terms the fly category. These insects not only leave red and itchy bites but they can also spread serious diseases such as Malaria. Male mosquitoes typically only live for one week and do not bite, […]

Pest Control: FAQ about Termites

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Pest Control: FAQ about Termites Termites do more than $5 billion in damage to homes all over Illinois and other parts of America each year and homeowners spend two billion dollars annually treating their home for termites. Clearly, it’s a major threat. However, how much do you really know about these tiny pests who can […]

Cockroaches: Does it work to starve them out?

cockroaches removal service in bunker hill illinois

Cockroaches: Does It Work To Starve Them Out? When you find out you have cockroaches in your Bunker Hill, IL home, the first thing you’ll want to do is go on “cockroach control” duty. You might call a friend for advice or search the Internet for solutions. Invariably, someone will suggest that you try to […]

How to Prevent Pantry Pests at your Home or Business

pantry pest in home and business in brighton il

How to Prevent Pantry Pests at your Home or Business Insect control is a problem most Brighton, IL home and business owners deal with at one point or another. Some pests, like fleas, cockroaches, and rodents, can spread illness; others, like termites, can spread devastation and even affect the structural integrity of your home or […]

Common Signs of Mouse Infestations in Your Home or Business

Common Signs of Mouse Infestations in Your Home or Business Mice are among the most common pests homeowners and businesses have to deal with here in Carlinville, IL. These little critters are notoriously difficult to get rid of, so it is in your best interest to call an experienced rodent control company right away if […]

How to Keep Bed Bugs from Hitchhiking Home

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How to Keep Bed Bugs From Hitchhiking Home in the Dorsey, IL Area In spite of the fact that they don’t have wings, bed bugs are skilled hitchhikers and are notorious for their ability to move from one place to another. While most people know that hotels are commonly recognized as bed bug breeding grounds, […]

Is it a good idea to do your pest control in Dow, IL

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Is It A Good Idea To Do Your Pest Control in Dow, IL area? Several different types of pests enter a home and wreak havoc on the residence. If you want to avoid the trouble that comes with Do It Yourself (DIY) insect control, you have options. Hiring a professional pest control company to do […]