How To Remove Spiders from Your Edwardsville, IL Home


Some pests can be harmful, but a majority can be harmless, but all sorts of pests like to make their way into your Edwardsville, Illinois home. Most of us are not fans of sharing our space with creepy crawlers or those eight-legged pests we call spiders. Learning how to get rid of spiders from your […]

Pests that love summer heat in Edwardsville, IL

pests edwardsville il

Pests That Love Summer Heat in Edwardsville, IL Whether you live or go to school in the Edwardsville, IL area, you know that summer means high temps, days at the pool and a litany of fun activities. However, it’s not all fun and games for Midwesterners as the season heats up. While this area can […]

Holiday Pest Control Tips for your Maryville, IL home

holiday pest control tips maryville il

Holiday Pest Control Tips: Stay Merry Without Pests Plan to have festive family get-togethers this year? Entertaining friends and co-workers for a year-end bash? Orchestrating a fun-filled staycation at home? Don’t let uninvited guests – pests – ruin your plans. Control insects before they get cozy for the winter with professional pest control services in […]

What winter pests call O’Fallon, IL their home?

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Watch Out for These Pests This Winter! Finding a pest indoors is a nightmare scenario for some. Furthermore, some people believe that during winter, they’re safe from pests. However, this is not true. Some pests even prefer the winter months indoors because they don’t hibernate like some insect species. Unfortunately, you still may need pest […]

How to check for bed bugs when traveling to or from Wood River, IL

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Here Are Some Tips on Checking for Bed Bugs The prospect of sleeping in a home that’s infested with bed bugs is enough to freak anybody out. Bed bugs are tiny, barely visible bugs that feed on the blood of a host animal, usually a human. Additionally, bed bugs have the potential to cause sores […]

Alton, IL Pest Control – Brown Recluse Spiders FAQ

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Answers in Alton IL: Brown Recluse Spiders When it comes to household pests, nothing really makes our skin crawl like an infestation of spiders. When you see a spider inside your home, it’s hard to not imagine them crawling all over you – it’s actually freaking me out as I type this. However, it’s not […]

Pest Control Tips for Winter Weather in the Granite City, IL area

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Keep Pests from Cozying Up Indoors With You! It’s still February in Granite City, IL, which means you’re probably huddled up inside, enjoying the radiant warmth of your home’s heating system and keeping yourself out of blustery winter conditions. However, it’s not just you that’s enjoying your warm home. More often than not, pests are […]

Best tips to prevent pests from entering your home this Spring in Elsah, IL

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Here’s What You Can Do To Prevent Those Pests Come Springtime For some, there’s nothing better than Springtime. Flowers, sunshine, warm temperatures – what can be better? Unfortunately, it’s not always sunshine and roses in the Springtime. This time of year also brings about pets that infiltrate your home looking for food and water. From […]

How Insects can Signal the Start of Fall in the Marine, IL Area

how insects can signal the start of fall in the marine il area

How Insects can Signal the Start of Fall in the Marine, IL Area There are certain things associated with fall in Marine, IL. Among the most notable is how the leaves change color and the temperatures drop quickly. Sweater weather is fast upon you and the fall insects that plagued your property last year have […]