Cockroaches are Everywhere in Granite City, Illinois!


Finding Cockroaches One of the last things that anyone wants to have happened is finding an infestation of pests in their home. Unfortunately, when it comes to any place that either has moisture or any type of food, bugs will find a way there. When it comes to cockroaches, having them infest your home can […]

Spotting a Flying Termite in Belleville IL

Flying termites

Do Termites Have Wings? Many homeowners know a termite infestation when they see one. Typical signs of a termite are wood being chewed up in and out of the house, or anything in your home being destroyed that would have any signs of wood. When it comes to the termite, we are aware of their […]

Moro IL: DIY Pest Control for Your Home

diy pest control for your home in moro il

Should I Do DIY Pest Control at My Home? Taking matters into your own hands is always a tempting idea, but there are some things that are best left to the professionals. If you’ve been thinking about doing DIY pest control at your Moro, Illinois home, here are some things to consider first. When it […]

What to Look for in an Insect Control Company for Your Property

what to look for in an insect control company for your property in pontoon beach illinois

What to Look for in an Insect Control Company for Your Property Living with rodents or insects is not the way that most people desire to live. When destructive or annoying insects invade your Pontoon Beach, Illinois home, you will want to look for a professional insect control company to help you gain control of […]

Houseplants That Attract Pests in Prairietown, Illinois

houseplants that attract pests in prairietown illinois

Which Houseplants Attract Pests in the Area? Decorating your Prairietown, Illinois home with plants is a great way to make it feel a little cozier and closer to nature. However, some plants can attract pests to your home. Here’s what you need to know about houseplants that can attract pests. The Real Culprit It’s true […]

Cicadas: Frequently Asked Questions for Homeowners

cicadas frequently asked questions for homeowners in roxana illinois

Cicadas: Frequently Asked Questions for Homeowners Cicadas in the Roxana, IL area are a harbinger of fall. These insects emerge in late July and early August and their noisy, evening serenade mean that cooler temperatures will be arriving soon. However, how much do you really know about these winged insects? Read below about the life […]

Frequently Asked Questions about Cockroaches

frequently asked questions about cockroaches

Frequently Asked Questions about Cockroaches Our pest control technicians at Imel Pest Control in Carrolton, IL get more calls about cockroach infestations than any other pest infestation. That’s because cockroaches are one of the hardiest pests on the planet, lay eggs constantly and require only water to survive for up to six months. Here are […]

Pest Prevention: What is the relationship between cockroaches and asthma?

cockroaches prevention service caseyville illinois

Pest Prevention: What Is the Relationship Between Cockroaches and Asthma? Cockroaches are among the most resilient beings on the earth. They can survive in a variety of conditions and eat almost anything. Unfortunately, they can also trigger allergic or asthmatic reactions in Caseyville, IL homes and businesses. Learn about the link between cockroaches and asthma […]

Why Rodents are Invading Your Home in Centreville, Illinois

why rodents are invading your home in centreville illinois

The Reasons That Rodents Invade Your Home One of the worst experiences any homeowner can ever experience is being at risk of rat or mice infestation. Any rodent infestation can easily translate into a costly ordeal and bring you embarrassment with guests if not tackled in time. Even worse, you and your loved ones are […]

Pest Control: How to prevent and treat bed bugs

how to prevent and treat bed bugs bethalto il

Pest Control: Treating Bed Bugs & Preventing Bed Bugs There’s no pest problem that will make your skin crawl quite like a bed bug infestation. However, it is a preventable and treatable problem. Here’s what you need to do to keep bed bugs out of your home and get rid of them if you do […]