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Biggest Pest Myths Debunked!

biggest pest myths debunked in livingston il

Common Myths About Pests

Sighting pests in your home can be a serious problem and frustrating too. Most people would not want these insects showing up on their doors. Some will even go as far as interpreting the sighting of pests to be a bad omen. However, whenever they show up, you should have an eradication plan in place. Below, we debunk some of the biggest pest myths:

It Is Cheaper Doing It On My Own

Well, this myth is for someone looking for a more affordable way out of a pest problem. Whereas it may cost you less, it will prove to be expensive in the long term. Most commercial pest control treatments are effective in getting rid of pests since they do not rely on chemicals. Getting rid of pests with chemicals may harm you and expose you to toxins.

pests like wasps will sting more than once in Livingston, IL

Insects Will Sting Only Once

There is this belief that bees sting to their death. There could be some truth, especially when it comes to honeybees. However, other insects such as wasps and yellow jackets will sting more than once.

I Can Use a Bug Zapper to Eliminate Mosquitoes

Well, bug zappers may kill only a few bugs or mosquitoes, but the truth of the matter is that bright light will attract most other pests.

Pests Dwell in Dirty Homes

Cleanliness is essential in keeping away pests. However, some pests such as bed bugs, carpenter ants, and termites dwell in any surrounding, whether clean or dirty. They are only looking for food and a place to stay. Bed bugs like staying in homes since it is warm and cozy.

myths about pests in Livingston, IL

My Cat Will Take Care of the Rodents

Cats will indeed ensure your compound is rodents-free. However, a rodent manifestation may be too much for your cat to handle. It is without a doubt that if you spot one rodent, be sure there are bound to be many more.

I Will Get Rid of the Pest When I Sight One

Well, you do not have to take measures when there is a problem already. It is better to be proactive since pests can breed quite rapidly, and before you know it, your home is full of an infestation. By having an annual pest control program, you will be ensuring your home remains free of pests all year round.

Pests can be a nuisance and require professionals to solve their menace once and for all. Professional pest control firms in Livingston, IL, have the necessary equipment and expertise to get rid of pests effectively.

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