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Imel Pest Control BBB Business Review
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Beware of Bed Bugs in Greenville, IL

Bed Bugs

For centuries, bed bugs have been a prevalent issue. Years ago, people would need to check their beds for them before they went to sleep. Even now, it’s important to make sure you don’t have any. If left untreated, they can infest your bed and make your life miserable. Keeping these pests out of your Greenville, IL home is important for your families health. We will be taking a look at bed bugs here to get a better understanding of them and their history.

Insect Infestation

Their Initial Global Decline

Over time, as insecticides started to be created, bed bugs became less of an issue within more developed countries. Not only that, but as time went on, personal hygiene became better, which also discouraged the spread of these insects. These factors helped keep their numbers down. However, due to lack of attention to these insects, caused them to slowly start making a comeback.

The Return of The Bed Bugs

After certain poisonous chemicals used to treat bed bugs were banned in the 1970s, options for fighting off these insects became a lot harder. There were also various changes to day-to-day life that gave these insects more options to spread. In places less developed, bed bugs remained an issue. Due to the increase in traveling through the world, these pests were able to spread by coming along on those trips to new places.

Why Do Bed Bugs Come Back?

Even after you think you have been treated for all your bed bugs; you may find you have them again one day. These insects are nitrous for being hard to get rid of. If you try to treat these bugs yourself, not only could you get yourself hurt, but you probably are not going to be able to fix the problem yourself. Even a “professional” service can be ineffective if your “expert” does not treat the problem correctly, wasting your money. You may even have an infestation occur if you live in an apartment. This is because your neighbor’s problem was not fixed properly.

Pest Control

Once the weather outside starts to drop significantly, bed bugs may come back to haunt you once again. The key thing to note is that even a single female being left behind drastically increases the chances of another infestation in the future. Those females can lay up to 200 eggs in their lives.

If you have a bed bug infestation in your Greenville, IL home, do not hesitate to call our experienced team over at Imel Pest Control today. We will send one of our expert exterminators to assist you as soon as possible.

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