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Best tips to prevent pests from entering your home this Spring in Elsah, IL

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Here’s What You Can Do To Prevent Those Pests Come Springtime

For some, there’s nothing better than Springtime. Flowers, sunshine, warm temperatures – what can be better? Unfortunately, it’s not always sunshine and roses in the Springtime. This time of year also brings about pets that infiltrate your home looking for food and water. From cockroaches and ladybugs to spiders and other multi-legged friends, it’s important to take preventative steps to keep them out of your home. Read below for some times on what you can do to keep your home pest-free this Spring!

Clean Up

The first thing that you can do is clean up around your yard and around your home. Indoors, clutter gives insects places to hide in plain sight. Outdoors, the buildup of leaves and debris around the home, doors, and windows may provide an easy access point for insects looking for ways to get inside. Clear the clutter and keep debris away from points of entry to keep pests out.

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Eliminate Sources of Moisture

One of the main places you’ll see pests in your home in the Spring is around water, plumbing and anywhere moisture can be found such as the basement or a bathroom. Eliminate any excess moisture by fixing leaking pipes and correcting drainage issues that could be attracting hordes of pests to your home.

block pest entry points

Block Entry Points

It’s also important to block points of entry into your home. This means sealing any cracks, holes, or openings in the exterior of your home. Common problem places include around doors and windows, around the foundation, and even openings in siding. Do a visual inspection of the outside of your home to identify additional places where insects may get in.

Preventative Treatments

Another option for preventing pests is to call for preventative treatments from your local pest control company. They’ll be able to assess your home for vulnerabilities and provide pet and kid-safe treatments that keep pests away. Imel is the name to know for pest control in Elsah, IL!

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