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How Do You Get Bed Bugs in Your O’Fallon, IL Home?

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs have been plaguing humanity since the beginning of time, and they continue to be one of the top pests plaguing public transportation, hospitals, hotels, and homes. Due to their ability to travel long distances and sneak into belongings, bed bugs have earned the title of notorious hitchhikers. To make matters even worse, these insects will readily infest any type of indoor environment, as long as there is a readily available blood meal. Once they are inside a new environment, they can infest many places beyond the bed. This can include couches, chairs, inside picture frames, and even behind electrical panel switch plates. This pest can really infest your home, creating problems for your whole family.

Bed Bugs

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

How do you know you are near these pests? One of the most common places where people encounter them is in a hotel room. Inspect the place you are staying at as soon as you arrive. If you see these pests, make sure you alert the staff, so they can take care of the problem!

Another common but lesser-discussed way of bringing bed bugs into your home is by purchasing used furniture. These second-hand pieces may already be infested, and you may not know it. Before purchasing make sure you inspect used couches, mattresses, or box springs. This way you can ensure you are not bringing these pests into your home.

Bed Bugs

What to Do if You Get These Pests?

If you believe there is an infestation in your home, there are a number of steps you are able to take in order to prevent and reduce bed bug bites. Make sure you are regularly washing your sheets and pillowcases using the high heat setting. The wash and heat will end up killing the pets, however, make sure you are careful when transporting the bedding to the wash. This is because even the transportation process can spread these nasty creatures around your house. The best way to prevent bites if your house is infested is by contacting an exterminator. We at IMEL Pest Control, have just the exterminator for you.

If an infestation occurs, make sure you call us at IMEL Pest Control. We will send one of our highly trained pest specialists to make sure to stop these bugs in their tracks. Bed bugs can breed and multiply quickly, so make sure you call as soon as you see a hint of infestation.

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