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Bed Bug Prevention in Edwardsville, IL

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are pesky insects that can come into your Edwardsville, IL home and infect your bed. One thing to note is that college apartments and dorms have beds that are reused each year which can be home to many bed bugs. Keeping an eye out when moving into a new place is very important. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for bed bugs and how to deal with them if needed.

bed bugs

What do these particular bugs look like?

Bed bugs may be very difficult to spot with the human eye, but it’s important to know what they look like in the case. Bed bugs are bloodsuckers that are tiny, oval, brown, and wingless. Besides being found in beds, these insects can also be found in couches, clothes, airplanes, and trains. It’s hard to notice their bites until you have a reaction.

So how can you prevent these bugs in your room?

It’s a good idea to look for reddish-brown or black spots on your sheet or by the headboard. It may not be the actual bug that you see but it could be a trail of spots. You may also want to look in your dresser drawers. If you detect any signs of bed bugs, call IMEL Pest Control for assistance in getting the right help.

What can I do if I suspect I was in contact with bed bugs?

bed bugs

If you happen to have been in a room where bed bugs were present, you should take action. Make sure that you isolate the infected items from other items in your space. Put your clothing and other items that can go in the heat in the dryer for 40 minutes. This heat can help to get rid of these pests. After you use the dryer, you can then wash the items as normal.

It’s pretty simple to keep an eye out for these little bugs. Just remember the steps to finding them, what they look like, and the steps you should take if you happen to encounter them in your living space. If all else fails and you need some professional help, IMEL Pest Control will be more than happy to help you with your pest control needs. We are located in Bethalto, Illinois, and can serve you in Edwardsville, Illinois, especially with your student dorms and apartments. Call us today at (618) 377-9839!

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