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Bed bug control: How to control bed bugs at your business

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You Need to Watch Out For Bed Bugs

Bed bugs aren’t a huge threat to human well-being. However, their presence is more than capable of hurting a business’s prospects, because they are notorious pests, meaning that most potential customers will want to stay away. As such, business owners located in Granite City, Illinois need to put some serious effort into bed bug control, particularly if they are involved in the hospitality industry.

Bed Bug Recognition

How Can You Prevent Bed Bugs?

Preventing bed bugs is much easier than removing bed bugs. Unfortunately, preventing bed bugs can be a serious challenge because bed bugs are very resilient. For example, they are capable of surviving a wide range of temperatures for prolonged periods of time, meaning that exposure to extreme temperatures isn’t necessarily a guarantee of their elimination. Bed bugs can survive for about five months without having to feed on blood. Still, so long as business owners are willing to put in the effort, preventing bed bug infestations isn’t impossible.

Generally speaking, bed bugs are brought from place to place by people who fail to notice the pests clinging to them. As a result, encouraging employees to be more cautious can be helpful. Yet, this is an imperfect measure because of the small size of bed bugs. Besides, minimize the presence of clutter at the business because this will eliminate potential hiding spots for bed bugs, thus reducing the chances of them proliferating without being noticed. If business owners ever choose to buy used furniture, they will want to inspect the pieces in detail due to potential bed bug infestation. Something that is particularly true for beds, which are natural habitats for the pests because of their proximity to their food of choice.

How Can You Remove Bed Bugs?

How Can You Remove Bed Bugs?

Even the most thorough precautions can fail, which is why interested individuals will want to be prepared to call in pest control when they notice signs of a bed bug infestation. One example would be seeing bed bugs, bed bug eggs, or bed bug feces when checking cracks, crevices, and other choice hiding spots. Another example would be seeing bed bug bites, which can come in either lines or a zigzag pattern. In extreme cases, people have even reported a sweet smell, though this means a very serious bed bug infestation indeed.

There are various measures that business owners can implement on their own. However, the best solution is to call in pest control, which can offer one of a number of potential solutions. Calling in pest control is always the best solution for businesses in Granite City, Illinois because it maximizes the chances of successful bed bug removal, thus ensuring that the business owner can get the desired result the first time around.

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