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Bed Bug Control: Do bed bug bombs work?

bed bug control do bed bug bombs work in jerseyville il

Do Bed Bug Bombs Work?

One of the most devastating and nausea-inducing pest control situations you will run across in Jerseyville, IL is a bed bug infestation. Just the thought of parasitic bugs feeding on your blood while you sleep is enough to send most homeowners into a panic. The temptation is to immediately run out and buy the most expensive bug spray and attempt to eradicate the problem the same day. Unfortunately, as most people come to find out, bed bugs can be one of the most difficult pests to kill off.

bed bug bombs

The Idea of the Bed Bug Bomb

Bed bug bombs are usually known as bed bug foggers. The idea is that setting off a fogger (or a few foggers if you have a large infestation) will conveniently kill the entire populace in one fell swoop and your problem is gone. In reality, bed bug foggers rarely eliminate an infestation, and most of the time you are simply wasting your money since studies have found that bed bugs have built a resistance to DDT, the main ingredient in most consumer foggers. In addition, foggers cannot reach the crevices that bed bugs hide in any way.

Standard bed bug bombs aren’t just ineffective in most cases, they can be dangerous. Using too many in an enclosed space carries the risk of explosion, hardly the best pest control solution for the normal homeowner.

Possible Solutions to Bed Bug Infestations

Possible Solutions to Bed Bug Infestations

The list of solutions for your infestation usually involves recruiting a professional pest control company like Imel Pest Control. The reason is simple: professionals have the experience and the tools to deal with bed bugs in the most effective ways. Some of these methods include:

  • Heat treatments. Bed bugs can be killed by temperatures over 120 degrees F, but most people cannot raise the temperatures in their homes that high evenly throughout
  • Pyrethrin sprays work, but only if you can treat the places that bed bugs go to hide, including the crevices in your couch, inside electrical boxes, behind molding, and even behind old wallpaper.
  • Freezing temperatures. Yes, bed bugs will die in extreme cold, if it stays below freezing for a significant time period. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely you or your family would be willing to suffer in freezing conditions for up to three months.

For more information on how to rid your home of bed bugs and keep them away, give Imel Pest Control a call!

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