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Avoiding Bed Bugs in your Fairview Heights, Illinois Home

bed bugs

We all know the classic phrase, “Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!” Whether that was a trick for your parents to make sure you stayed in bed or something that just happened to say, bed bugs are no joke once you have experienced them. Living in Fairview Heights, IL, bed bugs can be notoriously difficult to manage once they have entered your home. If you have ever seen a sign of bed bugs, call your exterminator immediately. If you are just wanting to know the ways to avoid them, continue reading on! It’s always best to be cautious before it’s too late!

Bed Bug

Know the Signs of bed bugs through and through

One of the best things that we can tell you to do is to know the signs of bed bugs so that once they are spotted, they can easily be abolished. When it comes to a bed bug, look for any dark spots on your furniture that haven’t been there before. They love to hide out in mattresses, bedsprings, headboards, floors, or even behind picture frames. Periodically checking these things is a good sign of making sure you are avoiding these creatures. Something they do tend to leave behind is blood spots. Look on your sheets or pillowcases for any red “smears” that are unfamiliar to you. This may be a sign of infestation.

Inspecting when Traveling

Bed bugs are known to be the souvenir we all hate to bring back home from a family vacation. To avoid this, check all places of your hotel before settling in. Checking under the bed, behind the walls, and in the places we recommended as well can save you from bringing these pests back home with you. If you wake up to any signs or bites, report them to the hotel manager immediately. And ask for a new room in a separate part of the building.

Bed Bug

Be Cautions When Buying Used Furniture

Facebook Market Place has helped in so many different ways with saving money to decorate your home. With these amazing deals, there can still be room for problems. With this in mind, if you are or have purchased used furniture pieces, make sure to check them out as soon as you get them. Don’t bring them into the home until you know nothing is living under the cushions of your new loveseat.

These are just a few of the tips that can help prevent you from having bed bugs in your home. If you have noticed an infestation and do need our team’s assistance, give us at IMEL Pest Control a call today!

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