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Are Termites a Problem in Southern Illinois?

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It can be very expensive for Godfrey, IL homeowners to repair damage caused by termites. The damage caused by termites is more extensive than that caused by most natural disasters. Understanding termites and their habits is the first step toward effective termite control. 

Termites, a distant relative of cockroaches, develop in three stages: egg, nymph, and adult. Termites consume wood, dead plant debris, soil, and animal waste – basically anything with cellulose. There is a complex caste system among termites, in which the workers feed the nymphs and soldiers, who defend the caste. Only when they find a good spot for their colony will the monogamous king and queen mate. When they do, they grow fast. Termites can form colonies of hundreds to millions of individuals, and their queens can live for 30 to 50 years.

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On warm days after it’s rained, you’re most likely to see termite swarms. Due to their similar shapes and wings, you may confuse termites with ants. Termites have almost equal-size front and rear wings, unlike ants, whose front wings are longer, larger, and of different shapes. In contrast to termites, ants have small and defined waists, while termites have broad waists.

  • In Godfrey IL, subterranean termite: March-May
  • Dark southeastern subterranean: March – June
  • Light southeastern subterranean: August – October

Swarming Habits of Subterranean Termites

A pile of wings is an indication that they have swarmed. However, finding wings does not necessarily indicate a termite invasion. When ants swarm, they shed their wings as well, which causes more damage. Lights and windows may draw swarms of termites inside during humid weather.

Signs of The Subterranean Termite

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To survive, subterranean termites need moist soil. For termites to access cellulose in your home, they build mud tubes or tunnels between the soil and wood near your foundation. Often, you don’t see signs of an infestation because they tunnel through wood, eating only the interior of the wood. Hearing a hollow sound when you tap on wood or piercing easily through it with a jab from a sharp object, generally means termites have eaten through the inside.

There’s no doubt that termite control is essential for Godfrey, IL residents. If you find yourself in need of termite control, Give IMEL Pest Control a call for your commercial and residential pest control needs. Request a free evaluation today!

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