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A Guide for An Ant Free Home in Belleville, Illinois


Getting Rid of Ants During the Summer in Belleville, Illinois

Summer is a season for warmer weather, days spent at the pool, and time away from work or school. Unfortunately, one thing that is also common during this time of the year is the sight of bugs. One of the most common bugs to be lurking around during the sunny season is ants. These pests are ones to crash any BBQ, birthday party, or even crawl around your countertops at home. They not only will find their way into any open area of your home, but they also come in larger quantities.

There are over 700 different types of ants that roam around the world. To help narrow it down, we found a couple of classes that we can help you identify. Continue reading on to find out the differences between these bugs.

Odorous House Ants

This is an ant you would not want to mess with if you have a weaker stomach. When these bugs are crushed, they give off a robust and rotten smell. These insects are very determined. They will use branches or plants on the outside of your home to try to find their way inside.  These ants like to eat different sweets and are very capable of contaminating food.

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The Pavement Ant

Pavement ants are known for making different nests under pavement cracks. (Thus, where their name comes from.) These ants will pretty much eat anything that they will come across. They are also very determined minor bugs. These pests would crawl up trails up to thirty feet if they knew that they would find food.

The Fire Ant

Fire ants are seen more in the southern areas of the united states. With that being said, they can also find their way into different parts of the country. These specific ants are not like any other due to their painful biting. These pests will find themselves in any cracks or crevices that they can find. When dealing with these specific types of ants, it is best to seek a professional.

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Getting Rid of Ants

Here at IMEL Pest Control, we want you to know different ways of making sure these ants stay clear of your home. First, make sure to remove access points to your homes, such as cracks or crevices. Cut down any close tree branches that they can use as leverage. It is also intelligent to remove open food sources and clean up any water sources to find selves in.

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