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Why Do I Keep Finding Ants in my Highland Illinois Kitchen?


It is unfortunately more often than not that homeowners in the Highland, IL area will potentially find a bug or two crawling around their home. Depending on where you live, or how close your home is to a wooded area, more bugs will more than likely find their way into your living spaces. Ants are one of these types of bugs. One of the more common places in a home to find these crawling insects would be the kitchen. This is where we keep our food, drinks, and any potential trash to keep bugs full and happy.


One of the most common insects that you will find crawling around your home during the day is more than likely to be ants. Not only are ants known for attacking any area with the sight of food, but they also come in swarms. It is never likely that you will find just one of these insects crawling around your kitchen counters. Hundreds and sometimes even thousands of ants will find their way into areas of your house. One question that many homeowners can never find the answer to is where these pesky creatures come from. That is where we come into play. Read more to find out just exactly how these bugs are finding their way into your home, and wanting to stay there as long as possible.

Finding Ants in Your Kitchen.

One of the biggest reasons that it is so common to find ants crawling around your kitchen space, is from the food that they are trying to find. When it comes to a kitchen, this is where we all store any food that we have. From your fridge, pantries, and even just on your kitchen counters, ants will find all of these places and start to colonize wherever they see fit for them. Like most humans, ants can smell food from a mile away. Most food will have a scent to it, and unlike us who gag at the smell of rotten food, it is considered a gold mine for an ant. Smelling off food is one of the main reasons why it is so common to find an ant infestation in your kitchen.


How to Get Rid of These Pests

One piece of advice that our expert exterminators from IMEL can tell you about keeping ants out, is getting rid of all old food. Making sure to only keep out fresh fruit and veggies is the best way to prevent this. It also might be time to start putting grocery items into your fridge, even the fruit we leave on our counters. You can also call one of our exterminators to check out your home for any potential cracks or areas these ants can find themselves getting into.

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