Ant’s Infestation in Collinsville, Illinois.

Unfortunately for homeowners’ ants can be a typical problem that can happen almost overnight. With one small crawl space or crack in a home’s foundation, an army of ants can infest your home and take over your territory. If you are experiencing signs of an ant infestation, please call one of our trusted and highly trained exterminators. With that being said, we have some different tips for ants and how to stop them in their tracks.

Common Living Habits:

People sometimes can easily spot a trail of ants indoors since they will nest outside in plant materials typically near buildings. Oddly enough, these colonies can form thousands of ants that typically nest in wall voids, behind cabinets, and dark void. These colonies can easily be found in walls and under attic insulations, though they are mostly found in decaying plant materials or even leaf litter and hollow plant stems.

Spraying for Ants - Infestation Control

Preventing Infestations:

If you do experience an ant infestation, there are ways to prevent it. Ants can be a pain to take care of but fortunately, there are ways to prevent them or get rid of them. With this in mind, we have some common tips to make sure that ants can’t come into your home. If you are experiencing a common ant infestation that you can’t seem to control, our experts are here for you to get the job done.

Sealing Off Any Openings:

It is common to have openings in your home that can be overseen. With, these different openings are specifically where ants will come into and infest your home. Making sure that you are checking all your windows and doors that they are tightly sealed where they meet the walls. This goes the same for vent openings. Make sure that your air vents do not have access points either. These are simple things that commonly happened but unfortunately are the easiest way for ants to access your home.

Check Your Food and Counters:

Ants are known to have a high sense of smell. Since this is the case, always make sure to throw away rotting food, and store riper fruits and veggies properly. Having food that is also left open should be sealed so that ants cannot detect it. Keeping your counters clean is also very important to make sure that these ants cannot find any food crumbs that have been left behind.

Keep Your Outdoors Cleared:

Remove any debris that is outside of your home such as firewood that could be possibly resting against your home. Having wood like this right outside can be a breeding ground for ants. Make sure you are checking your deck and fences as well if they are wooden. Ants are commonly found in any wooden material that they could possibly find. Checking these areas of your home is something that should be put on a schedule. Your backyard can be easily overpassed since your deck and fence are not inside of your home. If you are noticing different infestations within these areas, please give our specialists a call.

Ants can be a pain but they aren’t forever. By following these certain steps and knowing these different precautions, avoiding ants can be doable. Fortunately, the trusted IMEL Exterminators are here to help when needed and know how to take care of an ant infestation. If these pests ever seem to go out of hand, giving our office a call is a great step. This will not only give you peace of mind, but a way to map out how these ants are coming into your home.