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All You Need to Know About Honeybees in Glen Carbon, IL

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Honeybees need no introduction. You know them as those small and hairy insects with black and yellow stripes. They are well known for helping to pollinate many different kinds of crops throughout the United States, including areas here in Glen Carbon, IL. These insects are incredibly social and, despite being able to sting, are not an aggressive species by nature. Honeybees are one of the many types of insects that are not here to harm, but instead to help make sure the world stays blooming. Here we will list some more facts about these wonderful insects.

Insect Infestation

Interesting Facts

Honeybees are known for helping to pollinate many different crops like plums, cucumbers, and more. Without the help of these insects, crop pollination would be a lot harder. Another interesting fact is that Honeybees procreate in the air. This is very different when compared to other types of insects. These insects also have a habit of dying because their wings end up wearing out.

The Dangers of Honeybees

While it’s true that honeybees tend to not be an aggressive species of insect, they can still attack you when provoked. By simply leaving them alone you can make sure they won’t attack. A sting can be painful however these insects will only be able to sting one time. However, while that sting may be harmless for some people, it could be fatal for someone who has allergies.


If you have a honeybee infestation and you have allergies, do not hesitate to call our team over at IMEL Pest Control today! We will send our team of professionals to make sure your infestation is taken care of by top professionals.

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