Buying a New Home

One of the most exciting moments in life is getting the keys to your first home in Edwardsville, Illinois. This is a very exciting and nerve-wracking time for most, especially when it is your first. While figuring out the best furniture or the best color of paint for the kitchen, some thoughts may slip through the cracks. One thing that most new homeowners don’t keep in mind is pest control, or what to look out for. The house may look picture perfect to start with, but when there are findings of a possible termite infestation, that should be the first priority. In this read, we will go through some steps you should take to make sure you are termite-free and can start that next chapter of life.

New Home


Termites are known to be one of the most destructive insects when it comes to homes. They are known for destroying different areas of a home and can come in all different types of infestation. They are known quite commonly as the “silent destroyers” and can cause over five million dollars of repairs in a year. Before you sign away to your new dream house, it is always wise to get our new purchase inspected for any possible sights of these annoying pests. By doing this, it can save you money and hardship in the long run.

Inspecting Your New Home

When touring around your new home, there are certain things that you should be on the lookout for. This is to ensure that your home is ready and not termite-infested. One part of the structure that you should have your eyes on are the gutters. Since termites are attracted to moisture, having filled gutters is a place perfect for them. Make sure that you are installing down-spurt extenders and installing splash blocks to prevent these pests from finding their new home there. It is also best to make sure that any shrubs, trees, branches, and other landscaping around the home is cut and taken care of, these are other areas that termites will latch onto, especially if they are close enough to your home.

New House

Since termites are so destructive without those knowing until it’s too late, it is always best to have an exterminator take a look at your new home. Call IMEL today to look through your new home so you can gear up for that exciting time of life.