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6 Things That are Bringing Snakes Into your Edwardsville, IL Home

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You’ll find 50 different species of snakes in the United States, from harmless garter snakes in your yard to venomous copperheads. Did you know you might be creating environments that attract snakes and not even realize it? If you are looking to avoid finding unwanted visitors in your Edwardsville, IL home, avoid these six habits that might be attracting snakes.

1. Mice

mice edwardsville il

If you think having mice in your home is inconvenient enough, wait till you find out you might also be attracting snakes but not properly dealing with your rodents. Since snakes seek rodents as their primary source of food, if there are rodents present then it’s possible to have snakes present as well.


2. Leaf Piles

Leaf piles may look fun to jump into, but you aren’t the only one that could be laying in those leaves. Head trimmings and leaf piles provide the perfect camouflage and cover. If the leaf piles are near the foundation of your home, this makes it easier for them to enter your home.

3. Landscaping Rocks

If you are considering adding stones to your landscaping, we suggest not laying down any stones directly against your home. While it may add an appealing look to your house, you are also welcoming snakes into your space. Areas such as wood or rock piles make attractive hideouts for snakes.

4. Dense Shrubbery

Maybe you have decided to up your gardening game and plant more shrubs. Whatever the reasoning is, planting shrubs creates dense coverage that creates the perfect coverage. Wild rodents and snakes typically thrive in tall grass as well as heavily populated shrubbery. This is because areas like these provide protection from predators and allows them a safe space to hide when hunting for food.

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5. Gaps In Your Home’s Foundation

Have you been thinking about fixing those gaps around your window frames or cracks in your foundation? Maybe now is the time to act, especially if snakes can enter a home through a small gap the size of a pencil. To avoid having unwanted wildlife in your home, it’s important to close all potential entry points in the home, specifically near the crawlspace and draining areas.

6. Bird Baths

You might be looking to attract birds by purchasing a bird bath, but you will also find it potentially drawing snakes’ attention too. They also require water to survive and having access to water in a garden increases the chances of slithering visitors.

Have you noticed evidence of potential snakes in your home? Calling an experienced pest control technician is your best bet when it comes to snake removal. Experts like IMEL Pest Control know how to remove properly and safely these potentially dangerous creatures. Give them a call today to get started!

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